MOE Contract

The Information Technology Contract
The ICT contract provides long term professional development (PD) to teachers in the effective use of ICT. We have worked with other schools to develop cluster-wide goals that will promote improvement in teaching quality and learning outcomes for all students, and the strengthening of communities of professional practice supported through the smart use of information and communications technologies (e-learning). Our staff will be involved in PD sessions, run by eTime in Christchurch, that enable them to get out there and learn about Web 2.0 tools such as wikis.

Why Does this Mean for Our School Community?
As teachers' ability in Web 2.0 tools develops they will be incorporating new online tools in your child's learning. To enhance the learning that is happening in the classroom we encourage families to access these tools at home, and to discuss and share online with your child.

Why ICT?

Internet education is important because:
  • It connects students with the world.
  • It allows students to learn by doing and presents them with real life situations.
  • It can bring schools and communities closer together. Blogs and Wikis create a portal between the classroom and home.
  • The New Zealand Curriculum requires teachers to make learning meaningful and relevant not only locally but globally.
  • It ENGAGES and MOTIVATES students.
  • Today’s students are “digital natives.” We cannot expect to teach them using 20th Century methods.
 They are 21st Century learners and we need to teach them with 21st Century tools.
  • Students are likely to come across a range of different material when exploring the internet. While a lot of this material will be fun, educational or informative, some of the content they view or post may be upsetting or cause them distress, or distress to others so they need to be taught how to deal with it.
  • Internet safety and eduction is important because no software or internet filter is 100% reliable.
  • It is not about banning a student from the internet, it is about educating them on staying safe and appropriate when online, no matter what the situation.
Thanks to eTime for this information.